Team Awareness Workplace Wellness

Team Awareness Workplace Wellness Project Map

NCADD-RA has a long history of providing community-based substance use / misuse prevention education.  In NYS, prevention efforts have primarily been focused on youth risk and protective factors with a concentration on school-based prevention education and counseling. Efforts at the state level are underway to expand upon youth focus and increase opportunities to work in a broader context with parents, families, and communities. (NCADD-RA, as a community-based organization, has continued to work with families and communities.)

With the support of SOR 2 grant funding, NCADD-RA will utilize the OASAS approved PPP
(Promising Prevention Program) Team Awareness for Workplace Wellness (TAWW) model to develop a prevention delivery infrastructure for workplace substance misuse prevention that is integrated within the context of overall health promotion, well-being, and resilience.

This two-year project involves the development of a collaborative team necessary for the dissemination of evidence-based workplace prevention. The team within this specific project is comprised of three organizational groups: (1) NCADD-RA as the lead prevention provider; (2) a prevention provider team of trainers/facilitators responsible for disseminating prevention education across five counties (Monroe, Livingston, Steuben, Chemung, Tioga); and (3) the consulting team/developer of OWLS (Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems) who has authored and adapted its model for various workplaces over the past 20 years.

The two-year TAWW project will work with the consulting team/developer (OWLS) in four distinct stages. These stages include community capacity building, training trainers and the delivery of a prototype for identified workplaces. Engagement with businesses may include public health, schools, small and large businesses, non-profit agencies, and associations.

Evaluation will be ongoing and a final report that synthesizes data, lessons learned, and trainer insights will be developed by the OWLS team in the last quarter of the project.

NCADD RA Business Workplace Wellness Flyer

NCADD-RA Business Workplace Wellness Flyer

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NCADD RA’s Workplace Wellness Community Resources

NCADD-RA’s Workplace Wellness Community Resources

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Five-minute Overview of Five Cs of Resilience

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NCADD RA SOR Project Interim Report April 2022

NCADD-RA SOR Project Interim Report April 2022

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Raw Coping Power By Dr Joel Bennett

Raw Coping Power by Dr. Joel Bennett

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NYS Business Workforce Survey Results July 2021 Small

NYS Business Workforce Survey Results- July 2021

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The Wellbeing Engagement Paradox of 2020

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Dying For A Paycheck Book

Dying for a Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms Employee Health and Company Performance And What We Can Do About It by Jeffery Pfeffer

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