See what others are saying about NCADD-RA and its positive impact.

NCADD RA Bullet“Great training today. It is a lot to think about, but you made it make sense.  I have a much better idea on what sources of information to use and how to go through the process step by step.”


NCADD RA Bullet“The Finger Lakes PRC has been invaluable members of the Webster Health and Education Network: Drug Free Community Coalition.  They have a “Can do!” attitude and their experience with other coalitions has helped and continues to help us move the development of our Coalition in a positive direction.  Their knowledge of and access to coalition-building resources has been so helpful.  We are very thankful for their presence and expertise!”

“The Finger Lakes PRC is invaluable to the success of the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Ontario County.  They have guided the coalition to create a positive community impact related to substance misuse & abuse in our area.  With their support, we have worked through the strategic prevention framework and engaged all sectors of the community!”

NCADD RA Bullet“The PRC staff has been an invaluable part of our coalition. Whenever our coalition has needed any type of assistance they are there not only with the necessary resources, but also with any type of assistance that coalition members might require. The trainings that the PRC offers are exactly the trainings our coalition needs at that time the courses are offered. Any time our coalition has reached out to the PRC, the response is always prompt.”

NCADD RA Bullet“I like the program because I learned new stuff also learned new words and stuff that I can work on.” (Student participant)


NCADD RA Bullet“Presenter is always energetic, organized, prepared and punctual. She is knowledgeable about the subject matter and makes learning life skills fun. She is able to relate to the kids and make her lessons relevant to their daily lives. She easily connects with the kids and her lessons maintain the students’ attention. She encourages participation and class discussions. There is always a high level of engagement from my students. We look forward to learning more next year!”


Hispanic Prevention Education Program

NCADD RA Bullet“Presenter was a positive asset to my learning environment this year. She was very professional and knowledgeable about the information that she taught my fourth-grade students. My students really looked forward to her visits, as she showed them that she really cared about their well-being. I love the program, and really hope that I can have her back in my classroom next year.”


NCADD RA Bullet“Presenter makes effective links between daily lesson plans and long-range plans. She has worked collaboratively with me to create lessons of study that incorporates all aspects of literacy and encourages creativity in presentation. She engages students in a debate which successfully promoted the development of higher order thinking skills. She is dedicated and committed to her profession and to students and an asset to our school. Would love to have her back next year!”


NCADD RA Bullet“I loved this class! It’s going to help me in my life. I’m going to miss you!” (Student participant)


NCADD RA Bullet“This class was quite an eye-opener! It’s going to help me be more aware of the impacts these children are affected by and also help me to be a better parent to them.” (From a parent)


NCADD RA Bullet“The Elephant in the Living Room video is far better than what I personally know of… it has made me realize addictions can look a lot of ways and still be a problem.” (Student participant)

NCADD RA Bullet“I would like to add how helpful the resource website is for clinicians to find treatment options for patients. I built the link directly into our EMR in the Medina ED so providers and nurses can easily provide options for patients seeking help. This may be something to pass along to other EDs or clinics.  Thanks!”


NCADD RA Bullet“The Finger Lakes Addiction Resource Center has been helpful in identifying substance use disorder treatment and recovery programs in the region and compiling them in an easy to read directory.”


NCADD RA Bullet“Thank you so much for continuing to educate to prevent these cycles of addiction and restore lives.”