Individualized Alcohol and Other Drug Education Class (One-on-One Education)

The NCADD-RA Individualized Alcohol and Other Drug Education Class is for youth and adults who are being required to attend a drug education class by a loved one or as a condition of a violation of law, or employment matter.

NCADD-RA Individualized Alcohol and Other Drug Education Class Most attendees include employees who have tested positive on an employment random urine screen, or those issued tickets by law enforcement officials for traffic violations, possession of a controlled substance, or underage possession laws. Individuals often are referred by an Employee Assistance Program professional, a court, or a defendants’ attorney. A person does not need to be referred in order to enroll.

This class is unique and stands apart from most of the classes that exist for two reasons.

  • First, because it is specifically one-on-one in its delivery and a class can be easily scheduled.
  • Second, because the curriculum is tailored to the individual and developed for the specific violation and presenting issues.

The number of required hours typically comes from the referral source though the NCADD-RA facilitator may make a recommendation, as well. Six (6) hours is the total average class duration. We do not complete the class in one day but rather break it up into 2-3 hour weekly sessions though there is flexibility depending on the circumstances.

The schedule is determined by the individuals’ requirements and all schedules involved. We work within the parameters of deadlines to accommodate the individual as realistically as possible. Classes are held at our office which is located at 1931 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624. The cost is $30 per hour (insurance does not cover any fees). All payment must clear in order to for class to be considered officially completed.

Upon completion, the class facilitator is responsible for notifying the ‘official’ that class requirements have been fulfilled along with a packet that includes:

  • A brief participant summary with any recommendations
  • A signed Release of Information Form
  • A Certificate of Completion

It is the responsibility of the participant to:

  1. Provide all contact information to the class facilitator
  2. Directly notify their representative that they have completed their class.

Participants also receive copies of all information presented, supporting literature, and a list of community services including a template of NYS OASAS certified treatment facilities.