Finger Lakes Addiction Resource Center

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NCADD-RA’s Finger Lakes Addiction Resource Center (FLARC) seeks to effectively engage a multi-sector community partnership in the nine-county Finger Lakes Economic Development Zone. A primary goal is to identify existing community referral resources, identify gaps in referral resources and to develop multiple substance use disorder referral resource directories for each county. FLARC promotes substance use disorder community awareness through promotion of training, events and activities offered throughout the nine-county region by NCADD-RA and our partners.

Finger Lakes Addiction Resource Center Overview

OASAS Certified Treatment Provider Directories

GeneseeOrleansWyoming Counties

Genesee/Orleans/Wyoming Counties

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LivingstonOntarioYates Counties 

Livingston/Ontario/Yates Counties

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Monroe County

Monroe County

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SenecaWayne Counties

Seneca/Wayne Counties

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OASAS Project Cope


Meditation Apps in Support of Health and Recovery

Medication Apps in Support of Health and Recovery Best Meditation Apps of 2023

Pieces of Hope

Support and encouragement during treatment and recovery can have a significant impact on an individual’s experience.

To stimulate conversations with community members and demonstrate cohesive support for those in treatment and recovery, FLARC has engaged people across the region through our participation in a wide variety of health/resource fairs to actively participate in a small, colorful effort: FLARC Hope Puzzles!

The first Pieces of Hope is proudly hanging in NCADD-RA Lobby at 1931 Buffalo Road in Rochester. Our second Pieces of Hope puzzle is proudly hanging at Open Access/Delphi Rise at 72 Hinchey Road in Rochester.

Recovery Puzzle #2

The FLARC Recovery Playlist

Many recovery journeys include a search for and a celebration of a greater meaning, be it inside oneself or an external force. That significance, that substantive understanding, has been found through meditation and wellness, relationship restoration, the arts and spiritual expressions – areas as diverse as both substance use recovery paths and the individuals who choose them.

The FLARC Recovery Playlist People Listening To Music

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