Underage Gambling

Underage Gambling has a solution…YOU!

This program provides education and support for family members affected by the problem gambling of a loved one. Staff provide educational outreach awareness presentations to requesting school and community groups about the inherent risks of problem gambling.

Parent/Adult Community Presentations

Presentations are available upon request to parent and community groups to increase awareness to the potential risks of problem gambling with special emphasis on the risks associated with underage problem gambling by contacting Jennifer Faringer, NCADD-RA Director, at (585) 719-3480 or jfaringer@depaul.org.

Parent Tool Kits

NYS OASASNYSED Problem Gambling Tool Kit For School Districts And Parents

NYS OASAS/NYSED Problem Gambling Tool Kit for School Districts and Parents

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Recognize The Signs Of Underage Problem Gambling

Recognize the Signs of Problem Gambling

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Youth Gambling And Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling and Your Kids Talking Points

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Problem Gambling Family Activity Sheet

Problem Gambling Family Activity Sheet

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OASAS Parent Talk Brochure 

OASAS Parent Talk Brochure 

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Recognizing the signs of problem gambling is the first step toward helping someone you care about or getting help yourself.




Problem Gambling Resources: Prevention, Treatment and Counseling Services