Total Approach Family Program

Total Approach Family ProgramThe Total Approach Family Program provides education and support for family members and other loved ones of the chemically-dependent person. It addresses co-dependency as a primary illness and allows family and friends to begin their own recovery process. Interventions are available and assistance is provided in finding treatment for their chemically-dependent loved one.

Three separate groups are available including the:

  • Children’s Group
  • Adolescent Group
  • Adult Group

Children’s Group

This six-week program gives children ages 5 to 8 and 9 to 12 the skills to understand the disease of chemical dependency and how it affects their entire family. It provides age-appropriate tools necessary to evaluate personal feelings, develop coping skills and improve self-worth. Children come to understand they are not the cause of the chemical dependency, and that they are not alone in dealing with it. Evidence-based LifeSkills Training appropriate for Elementary School-aged children is fully incorporated into these sessions.

Adolescent Group

This six-week program builds on the Children’s Group but uses a more focused approach with videos and discussions to help youth ages 13 to 17 understand how chemical dependency affects them and their families. Evidence-based LifeSkills Training appropriate for High School-aged children is fully incorporated into these sessions.

Adult Group

This six-week program is designed for spouses, adult children, significant others, parents, siblings and friends of the chemically-dependent person. Information sharing, videos and discussion help adults understand and cope with the impact of chemical dependency on individuals and families.

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